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DJKZC 漏电传感器(Leak

DJKFC 漏电采样器(Leak

380ABC DJKZ 总监控器



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1、The weak link in the grid management is the low voltage; 2、The major problem in the low-voltage grid is earthing; 3、Manual earthing (mainly at the neutral point) is to attain the intentions; 4、Hiding earthing faults and accumulating them; 5、Introducing the lightning in the grid and thus causing lightning disaster 6、Increase the difficulty in grid management due to the unsteady power supply. 7、Monitor technology guarantee the grid-earth insulation; 8、Causing waste in power energy; 9、Leading to safety problem; 10、Speeding up deterioration of the grid; 11、Increase the supply of pollution 12、Decreasing the quality of the power energy. 13、Facilitate monitoring over the earthing fault so that the grid becomes easy in management; 14、Grid-earth insulation guarantees the safe use of power. 15、The grid can be operated safely, steadily, cleanly and economically 16Remove the manual earthing Eliminate the earthing fault.Monitor the fault earthing; [color]


About the inventor
  Yu shigen, men, Born in February 1948, the Chinese Communist Party members, the city of Heze in Shandong Province Power Company retired cadres, the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering, China Fire Protection Association   professional electrical fire members of the Communications Committee, Jia De Heze Power Engineering Company Limited Monitoring Chief Engineer, DJK family network to monitor the inventor insulation.
In August 1966, graduated from high school in Shandong Province in Caoxian II.
  August 1966 ─ 1968 years 2 months, in Shandong Province glider flight school.
  February 1968 ─ 1984 years 4 months, the Air Force to-air missile unit, has served as radar-guided surface-to-air operators, technicians, video platoon leader, company commander guidance, the division Technology is technology assistant battalion level. Surface to air missile had been development director shooting success of the scientific and technological achievements of the Air Force was Sideng Jiang, awarded a third class, by the award.
  Since April 1984, switching to Heze, Shandong Province Electric Power Bureau, has served as secretary of the field Shugen, the scheduling secretary and deputy director of the Office of the Director of the Bureau, deputy general manager of Electric Power Industrial Company, the factory switch. Has received a number of national patents, organized and hands-on technical innovation transformation of enterprise management upgrade, establishment of standards for enterprises, 9000, and so on.
  In January 2002, take a back seat, in February 2008 retirement date, and the invention control nets and insulation technology, organization and the completion of the product trial, trial, the standard-setting, establishment of enterprises and network technology to monitor the insulation products of the work.


  Heze Dejia Power Monitoring Engineering Co., Ltd., since 1999, has specialized in the study on grid earthing and monitoring technology, it is a high-tech enterprises that integrates the equipment research and development, production, sales and engineering design and installation in Shandong province
  This company, with the independent intellectual property rights to the internationally advanced patented technologies, has developed many high-tech products that are used to guarantee the power grid to be steadily and safely operated in the manner of power saving and environmental protection.
  Insisting on the concept of serving the society, benefiting people, and satisfying demands of customers, the company will provide with professional solutions and constructive consultancy services as per the demands of customers, so as to share the latest high-tech results with users.
  Objective: Create a new safe, steady and effective system of power supply and distribution that is insulated to the earth, independent cleaning and power saving for users with the grid-earth insulation monitoring technology.
  Adhering to the principle of taking faith as foundation, putting quality in priority and providing quality service with leading technology, the Company welcomes partners from all circles of the society for cooperation and win-win development.

Application efficiency
  Insulation monitoring network to pile healers after nine years of research, experiment and trial, has proven to be: the use of this product into the small, quick, low-risk, simple, long life. Can also be extended to its future, high-voltage power network. Is a typical product of social welfare, when there is no need for major changes to the power grid for neutral ground for all the electricity system, customer equipment. It's widely used, is bound to have an enormous economic, social and ecological benefits.
  It is the direct benefit: saving at least 5%. The use of network-monitoring insulator to the input-output ratio of 1: X (5 + A) (A security benefits for the year, X to monitor the use of the number of years, 5 years is the power to control the value of the investment cost 5 times).

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